Metal tube


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The metal pipe is designed to be connected to suction device of unit known as ASH-CLEAN, which finds its use in domestic cleaning of pellet stoves, fireplaces, barbecue etc.  and in professional cleaning of wood burning ovens.

This tube is made of galvanized sheet metal with inside it a seal gasket in PVC. At the both sides are fixed
Fittings in ABS,the material resistant to high temperatures. Our special technology allows to fix fittings without use of screws.

The standard tube is made with  an internal diameter of mm. 32 and in various lengths.
It is possible to produce the different tube following customer's requirements.

Code of standard items usually present in stock.

  • Cod.5032AB100 metal tube D. 32 Length cm. 100
  • Cod.5032AB120 metal tube D. 32 Length cm. 120