Kit for the pumps racking diesel
Delivery kit with gun in plastic

>> Delivery kit with gun in plastic

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This product is dedicated to all non-professional uses for hydrocarbons transfer. It is most economic solution to connecting both the suction side, both the delivery side. The internal diameter is 22mm or 25mm, smooth internally and present no diameter discontinuity for all length of kit.

The kits are made of a spiral of rigid PVC covered with a layer of blue plastic PVC with rubber NBR for resistance to hydrocarbons.
This kit can also be used for transit of the catalyzing fluid AD Blue.

There are available connections male and  turning nuts with thread 1” and Ύ” combinable in every variation.
For the multiplicity of the pumps on the market and its use there is no standard lengths.

The codes usually present in stock:

  • Cod. 112212401 Kit mm.22 Lenght m.4 with foot valve in PA6 1”, turning nut in PA6  1” and nipple in PVC 1”x1” .
  • Cod. 112212300 Kit mm.22 Lenght m.3 with turning nut in PA6  1” and nipple in PVC 1”x1”.
  • Cod. 112512700 Kit mm.25 Lenght m.7 with turning nut in PA6 da 1” and nipple 1”x1” in PVC.