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These kits are designed to be related to submersible pumps for the emptying of the cellars, the swimming pools, of the excavations and in all of occasions when it is necessary evacuate water from a flooded.

The hose is made of a spiral of rigid PVC covered with a layer of plastic PVC  to obtain a smooth pipe internally and ribbed externally. The color standard is black and is produced in lengths 7 and 10 meters with fittings 1.1/4” male and  female with nipple 1.1/4 "X 1.1/4". The internal diameter is mm.28 and present no diameter discontinuity for all length of kit.

Thanks to flexibility of pipe it is not necessary elbows even when we need changes of direction very close.
The tubes may be joined one another in order to obtain lengths higher.
All kits made by Conteco can be personalized or executed on customer’s needs.