Conteco produces since more than twenty years spiral hoses connecting the suction side of the small surface pumps used in the world of Do It Yourself.

It also produces tubes for the equipment of the pumps racking diesel, both for aspiration that for the delivery.

The flexibility of production also allows you to make other tubes connected according to the customer's needs; for example: pipe outlet for submersible pumps, pipes connecting for appliances to air, delivery pipes and connection pipes.

Conteco produces directly within its own factory both the pipe coextruded in different models, diameters and profiles, both the joining fittings injection moulded covered by exclusive patents.

A further division of the company produces sheaths for the protection of electrical cables, sheaths for condensate exhaust in the air conditioning plant and sheaths of pressurization piping of gas.

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Head office and plant:
Via Bastia Vecchia 124
48020 S.Bernardino di Lugo (RA)